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The future is bright here at Knowledge - First Academy & Career Institute

We believe that Life is not a destination, but a journey of assembled choices and decisions made.  We further believe that during our early stages of development, we acquire our life force; an inner force that is relentlessly perceiving and acclimating itself to its surroundings. 

Increase Your Opportunity

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High School Program Grades K - 12

At Knowledge-First Academy, we strongly believe that education is the foundation life development, and it should start as early as possible. That's why we offer comprehensive educational programs for young individuals, starting from kindergarten. Our goal is to provide a nurturing environment that fosters curiosity, creativity, and a love for learning.

We offer tutoring for small groups of (1-5). We can also offer one-on-one tutoring for all students (K-12) who need assistance with their academic assignments. This little extra helps students learn how to focus and increase their opportunity for better grades.  

Our Programs


High School Diploma/Dropout Prevention Program

Fulfil your desire to further your education.  Let's get back to school and acquire our high school diploma.  Let's get you on the road to a more lucrative and satisfying future.  All you have to do is click the button below to get started.  

Registration is available now.  


English as a
Second Language

Looking to learn English as a second language? Look no further! Our courses are open to students from all around world. Click the link to get started on your language learning journey.



Vocational Training/Skill Acquisition Program







Click the button below to learn more.


International Program

Providing educational needs to students across the globe is our biggest reward.  We want you to succeed in every aspect of life.  Register Now! and get started with a​


Vocational Training

The Knowledge-First Career Institute is an active "Accredited Training Program with NCCER. As an Accredited Training Program" in active status, "Knowledge-First Career Institute can provide training and performance evaluations using NCCER's curriculum and submit records to NCCER's registry system. 



Check Our Calendar 

for important dates and information on when to enroll

Our Mission

Our goal at Knowledge-First, is to build this self-confidence through providing the highest quality of instruction and educational services available.  Our students acquire a personal passion for knowledge; to create within themselves the ability to positively influence their destiny, and ultimately, to effectively enhance their lives, and moreover, to seek the betterment in the lives of others.   

Students Success Stories

This is a wonderful program with instructors who I felt like cared about my personal growth and how the courses will affect the next stage of my life. I truly appreciate all the support at Knowledge First”.
George A, Stafford TX  

You will have the time of your life with Knowledge First, but thy will require you to also give your best and be committed. You will learn more than you ever expected to learn - I know I did!
Christina P., Houston, TX  

With Knowledge First, be ready to not only grow your knowledge in the various courses, but grow as a person too. You will have some awesome time with great people and I will miss leaving it all behind. I loved all of the excursions!!
Roberto M, Houston, TX  

Contact Us Now

9888 Bissonnet Street, Suite 290, Houston Tx 77036

Office: 281-499-8315

International: 1-833-KNOW1ST

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