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Non-Profit Private School - international

Welcome International Students  

It is with pleasure that we introduce you to the Knowledge-First Empowerment Academy.  We are an elite private school and have been a bastion of academic excellence for over 14 years.

Knowledge-First has made remarkable strides in the educational field by fusing some of the world’s best traditional teaching techniques and creative tools with modern information.  This composes a well-balanced, comprehensive way to bring Eastern methodology and Western innovation together.

We wanted to provide this opportunity to international students. 
Our dedication is to enable as many students as would like to experience this life-changing education opportunity at your fingertips.  In the past, students had to come to America to access American education, but we can now make that education available to every student, wherever they may reside.  Our goal is to help every student improve his or her portfolio for college acceptance by adding a U.S. high school studying experience to it.

We encourage you to apply for our program and contact us for more information.  
Contact info: asaa@knowledge-first.com

          It is refreshing to work with the Knowledge First team to achieve my academic goals.
John W., Houston, TX
          The courses were well-organized and appropriate for my academic level.
India B., Sugarland TX

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