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Building An Educated Workforce

With pre-employment attitudinal and job readiness training, as well as job placement support services, Knowledge-First Empowerment Academy uses this program to lead participants to permanent employment and self-sufficiency.

Knowledge-First Empowerment Academy is helping change the lives of some of the most "difficult-to-serve" populations in the region including at-risk youth, the homeless, recovering addicts and former prisoners reentering the community.

Better Attitudes.  Better Preparation.  These are the driving principles behind Knowledge-First’s Job Readiness Training program.

Knowledge-First Empowerment Center

Educators today have adopted the common phrase, “All children can learn.”  This statement suggests that learning is an option; an option that we believe does not exist.  We are of the opinion that “All children will learn”.  The difference between the “can” and “will” is the understanding that all children learn.  

Again, it is not a question of “can they learn,” but more so a question of “what are they learning?”  Research has proven that negative environments, whether in the home or in the school, will be highly detrimental to the sociological, and psychological development of our children, and furthermore, leads to the very destruction of a child's feeling of self-worth, leading thusly to feelings of emptiness, despair and ultimately to loss of hope.  It is therefore not only the quality of information that we must be concerned with but also, more importantly, the quality of its delivery.


Where the Exceptional is not The Exception!